This is a new segment I am adding in when I see something at the gym that really interests, baffles or entertains me. 

People watching can be so fun, right?


   This week's episode is not really about the guy who always talks about last night's game or who wears the Yankees or Steelers logo on everything. 

   This episode is about an article I read that was more buttered up than Paula Deen's biscuits and of sports rioters who were referred to as celebrators.

   This article has racial bias all over it and it made me think of how little these "celebrations" are addressed. 



to find the article and read along with me and to make your own judgements. 

Feel free to comment your opinion.


Today I am talking about the weather. 

We all complain about the heat, the cold, the humidity, the wind, etc. No matter how miserable we were in the last season, we still find a way to hate the season we are in. 

My current nemesis is the humidity. What is yours?




Fat is where it's at!

I love fat! In this last episode in the "Food Fanatic" series, I briefly explain the different types of fats (the good and the bad fats) and what foods go in each category. 


Bro-tein Bro!

We are talkin bout GAINZ!

The macronutrient that's all the buzz in the fitness world. Gymrats shove as much protein down their gullets as humanly possible in hopes to get ripped and jacked!

How much protein is really needed and what sources are best?

I answer those questions in this quick but informative podcast.


This is an explanation of one of the three macronutrients. Carbohydrates can both help us and prevent us from reaching our fitness and nutrition goals. That is why Carbs are the most misunderstood and debated topic of discussion in regards to nutrition. 

I give a brief breakdown of what carbohydrates are and how to differentiate between good and bad carbs. 




Today's topic is pretty obviously, food! So much can be said about it but, I just wanted to express my love for it. As far back as I can remember I have been obsessed with eating and I surely am not alone in this. How does one make it through life, trying to maintain a fit body while being a fanatic of food? Well, I am still trying to figure that out.

I also introduce the topic of Macronutrients and open the conversation up for the next episodes which will focis on each macro (Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate). 

Sources of Information:

Macronutrients definition:  NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training; Fifth Edition. 

Endorphins definition:  "4 Chemicals That Activate Happiness, and How to Gamify Them". TechnologyAdvice https://technologyadvice.com/blog/information-technology/activate-chemicals-gamify-happiness-nicole-lazzaro/


I live in New York city and have to deal with a lot of B.S. on a daily basis. All commuting New Yorkers do. But, there was a day this past week that I was mentally and emotionally defeated by thepeople, the weather, the commute.....

I could go on and on about how bad my day was and know in my mind you are thinking, "oh my God, we all have bad days". Yes, we do. Yes, I want to complain about mine.

But, this episode is not just a way for me to vent about a bad day. It is meant to give some relatable insight into a working woman's day in a big city.


Hello Everyone!This is the intro to my new podcast for the person who is overly passionate about everything. So passionate that you become a fanatic or even a radical of whatever your crazy ass dives into head first with 100% effort!